Music Around the Piano

Keynote Address - David Fulton

Time of Discovery I - Jonathan Slagenweit

From the Heart - Dwight Crosley, Kenny Stetler
God’s Bible School Orchestra, Allegheny Wesleyan College

Evening Worship - Daniel Stetler
God’s Bible School Choir and Orchestra



Morning Bible Study - David Bubb

Revival Rally - Curtis Going

Women of Worth- Hannah McDowell

International Service

Time of Discovery II - Deron Fourman

Union Bible College Orchestra
Hobe Sound Bible College Choir

Evening Worship - James Plank
Union Bible College Choir and Orchestra



Morning Bible Study - David Fry

Holiness Meeting - Noel Scott

Time of Discovery III - Matt Ellison

Children’s Mass Choir Presentation

Building for Keeps

Closing Challenge - Rollin Mitchell
Penn View Bible Institute Choir & Orchestra
Convention Mass Choir and Orchestra